Some Facts about Somerset West Bird Club

1. Membership
a. Membership is open to any member of the public.
b. Membership may be individual or family group and is renewed on an annual basis
c. Any member who has not paid his dues by 30th June regrettably, ceases to be a member
d. In fact about one third of our membership is of the family category
e. 20% of our membership lives outside Somerset West (mainly Strand and Gordon’s Bay, but we have members in New Zealand and Norway!)

2. Membership Fees
a. Because we are a simple recreational Club we do not run a checking account with the bank – we have a savings account.
b. When subs are paid by electronic funds transfer (EFT) it goes straight into the savings account.
c. If fees are given to the Treasurer at the regular meetings, he saves them up and then makes a deposit – this costs, but not too much..
d. Recently a member deposited cash into our account , over the counter at the bank . The bank charged us R40 for doing this!
e. So please, when paying subs try and do so using method (a) or (b) We would appreciate it. If you use another method, please add the costs to the amount you pay. Many thanks.

3. Batis
a. Your editor does not have a copy of the 1st edition but the 2nd edition still exists, dated March 1998 – almost 20 years ago. This edition is the 78th and as far as I can tell, in this whole time there have only been 4 editors. By far the longest serving editor was Jill Mortimer who carried the baton for something like 14 years!
b. Colour was introduced for the first time in January 2014

4. History
a. Unofficial historian of the Bird Club is Freya Brett who has kept records of just about everything the Club has ever done without ever being asked to do so. Thank you so much Freya!