A lovely evening, perfect fires set by Basil and Tony, tables all in place and table cloths added by Freya – we were all ready for a ripping evening – and so it turned out to be.

Special surprise was to have Denise Rizzo and her husband there – all the way for the France!. Denise was our club secretary before departing these shores. In the end we had to fetch more chairs to accommodate all our members.

We had carols playing softly in the background and wine and fruit juice was available for all. The Chairman continued the tradition of awful birding jokes which was followed by a fashion show of the best Xmas clothing embellishments – won unanimously by one of our oldest members – Sheila Walker and her “Joseph” coat!

There were two raffles (tickets free this time) and two lovely hampers, prepared by Annamarie and Freya. The braaing went well and everyone had something to eat. Special mention needs to be made of the variety of salads and puddings this year – it was hard not to go back for more!

Denise and her (obviously French) husband who were delighted to make a surprise re-acquaintance with old friends from Gauteng and new members of our club – John and Alison Bradshaw.
A very pleasant evening was had by all and with many hands on deck the clean-up went quickly – Many thanks to all who helped.
The worst of the jokes ; How did the egg cross the road?
It scrambled across……..