Dick Dent

by Annemarie Krynauw

On Saturday 13th January 12 members, including Karin from the Cape Bird Club plus the Krynauw twins (12 years) tackled Dick Dent.

As we strolled along we saw White-throated Swallows, Red-eyed Doves, Pin-tailed Whydah and a Jackal Buzzard.

Next we saw Purple Heron, Egyptian Geese, Blacksmith Lapwings and for some a big treat, two African Snipes!

The Black-crowned Night-heron sat in the shade of a Willow tree and the African Purple Swamphen always excites us. A Southern Masked Weaver made a quick appearance.

At the last pond we saw Yellow-billed Ducks, Sacred Ibis, Red-knobbed Coots, Grey Heron, Red-billed Teals, Little Grebes, Cape Shoveler, Common Moorhens, Reed Cormorant and a Three-banded Plover.

A Black-headed Heron flew over and while looking up the African Harrier-Hawk surprised us as well as a Black-shouldered Kite who landed on a dead tree.

On our way back we saw Speckled Pigeon, Common Starlings, Helmeted Guineafowl, a Yellow Bishop, a Pied Crow and a Wagtail. Not a bad tally for a 90 minute visit!