A little while back the club decided to make a donation to the ‘Eagle Encounters Effort’ and as a result, one of the Mews now has a plaque commemorating the support.

On 8th November we went along to the see the sign and to enjoy a visit to one of their demonstrations. We didn’t count, but there must have been about 15 of us and it was a very rewarding visit.

Eagle Encounters do a massive amount of rehabilitation work, returning injured birds to the wild whenever they can. Some are too badly damaged to survive in the wild, while others have been imprinted by man and would be unable to make the transition. These birds are used to educate the public.

The staff who demonstrate these raptors have a knack of dealing with birds and people which one just has to admire. They also handle the injured raptors which come to our club members in a damaged state and do a great service to our community so we are very happy to support them.