For some years now, Sally Perry has been running the Garden Bird Project. In this project, volunteers note the birds in their garden every month for the entire year.

It may sound like a bit of a drag, but you soon get into the habit and it really is fun, if you are interested in birds. There is a seasonality of which you may not even be aware – and every now and then a surprise pops up in the garden.

Don’t worry if you miss a spell here and there – your records will still keep Sally busy and you can start at any time. This is not a perfect piece of citizen science, but it certainly gives us all a good idea of what is where – and when!

All you have to do is email Sally at and she will send you a blank form to help you keep notes. Keep your sheet near your favourite window, and record what you see. Here are Sally’s simple

“Note down what birds you hear or see in, over or from your garden. Only one cross per month per bird. If you’re away and miss some time, it doesn’t matter. I don’t expect perfection. If new people could tell me what sort of garden they have and if they are close to the sea, a river, a dam, mountains, in a small complex, 4th floor flat with a container garden on the balcony…..

“Some people note nesting habits and behaviour. If a bird is missing off the list, Hurray! New bird! Add it on.

At the end of the year could you could please scan and email the form back to me, or fax or post or give it to me at a meeting. Then I compile all the info, write a report and send it off for publication in the Batis.”
What could be simpler?